Graduate Photography Contest Honorable Mention: Hands of a bronze Buddha statue, Kichijōji Temple in Bunkyō-ku,Tokyo. Photo by Aaron Hames.
Graduate Photography Contest Honorable Mention: A young Kazakh pastoralist watching his cattle graze on Iron Age kurgan burial mounds with the Tian Shan mountain range in the background. Photo by Jacob Winter.
Graduate Photography Contest First Place: A young Fulani woman is adorned with ceremonial dress by her father and uncle. Photo by Alison Heller.
Graduate Photography Contest Second Place: A Nigerien groom holding his nephew on his wedding day, watching out the window as the guests arrive. Photo by Alison Heller.
Graduate Photography Contest Third Place: Portrait of a Fulani girl, adorned with ceremonial dress in Niger. Photo by Alison Heller.

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How, when, and where did human life arise, how have environmental conditions and social institutions shaped human society, what is the role of learned versus innate behavior, and how are humans adapting to rapidly changing contexts? These, among many, are the sorts of questions anthropologists ask. Anthropology, the appreciation of and commitment to understanding all aspects of human diversity past and present, is devoted to the proposition that the diversity among humankind is comprehensible and enriching.

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