Assistant Professor EA Quinn and Professor Geoff Childs in Nepal with research team. Photo by Geoff Childs
Profile revealing an ancient irrigation canal, Anshang Site, Neihuang County, Henan Province, China. Photo by Zhen Qin
Sifting through soil from an excavation unit late in the evening on Mmadipodi Hill, Central Botswana. Photo by Mica Jones
Chimpanzees at St. Louis Zoo. Photo by Kylen Gartland while completing research
Fruit salesman in Taitung, Taiwan selling produce roadside. Photo by Alexander Lu

Upcoming Events

The Enchantment Effect: A Semiotics of Boundary and Profit
McMillan G052 @ 4:00 pm
Assembly Series Lecture with Dr. Jack Kloppenburg
Wilson Hall, 214 @ 4:00 pm
2017 Gentry Lecture presented by the History Department
January Hall 110 @ 4:00 pm

Department News

October 23, 2017
Research by Erik Trinkaus examines Neandertal age despite deafness, missing forearm and limp
September 29, 2017
Society for Psychological Anthropology interview on the conditions and experience of eating disorders treatment in the United States
September 29, 2017
Kedron Thomas and developing culture through copycat fashion